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Visit our CSF of Omaha Youtube page to see our 2024 CHANCE Luncheon Rising Star and Inspiring Alumna Award Winners in action!

Who We Are—

Mission & History

Giving Parents a Choice. Giving Children a Chance.

Children’s Scholarship Fund of Omaha (CSF) believes that all families, regardless of income should be able to choose the best educational setting for their children. The mission of CSF is to provide partial-tuition scholarships so children from low-income families can access the private or parochial K-8 education of their choice. By providing scholarship assistance during the time a child’s educational foundation is being established, CSF believes that it is helping prepare children for continued success.

CSF at a Glance

We Are Unique

CSF is the only independent scholarship granting organization of its kind. We are destination-neutral and have no religious affiliation. Children attend approximately 80 different schools throughout Omaha and northeast Nebraska.

We Require A Commitment

When a family receives a scholarship they must make their own commitment. CSF parents/guardians must contribute a minimum of $500 towards their children’s education each year, and each scholarship recipient must maintain a minimum 90% attendance rate. In addition, they must enter their child’s school twice yearly to complete paperwork that monitors these requirements.

National Network Partner

Children's Scholarship Fund of Omaha is part of the Children's Scholarship Fund national network of scholarship granting organizations. CSF and its partner programs are committed to empowering families in need with the ability to choose the K-8 schools that best meet their children's needs, regardless of their ability to pay or where they live. For more information, please visit IMPORTANT NOTE: all funding for CSF Omaha is raised and distributed in Nebraska. 

Non-Discrimination Statement

Children's Scholarship Fund of Omaha does not discriminate based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, and/or political affiliation in its programs, activities, or employment.

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