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Our kids need you. While schools have closed, the learning continues.

Our partner schools have responded quickly to the COVID-19 crisis to keep teaching, supporting and caring for children in the greatest need. Here's how:

  • Supplementing public school meal opportunities with drive-up sack lunches, gift cards or providing a list of resources for their low-income families
  • Printing thousands of learning packets each week for the children to work on. These packets are essential, especially for the children whose families cannot afford computers.
  • Providing computers and technology for children to use at home – even setting up “hotspots” of internet access in areas where families can't afford internet service or wifi.
  • Giving children social and emotional time to connect with their friends, along with academics. They have a lot of questions and just need to talk, and they want to provide them the time and safe "place" to do that.

This quick response comes with unplanned, extra costs – and now, many parents are no longer working and can't pay any tuition.

More than ever, your continued support of Children’s Scholarship Fund is critical for these schools and children who are counting on you. Please remember us as we work together to help children keep learning.

Will you help?