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Our kids need you.

There are many reasons why your gift to Children's Scholarship Fund of Omaha is a good and smart investment. Since 1999, we have helped thousands of low-income children find their educational home - the place where they feel they belong. A place where they can find hope, understanding and a pathway to success. 

We make sure every child is in genuine need by requiring families to submit their financial information - and we personally look at every single document, while keeping their information safe, private and secure. And each family invests $500 of their own hard-earned dollars towards their child's tuition - which means they are making their own personal match to your gift.

Your support of Children's Scholarship Fund is a testament to how strongly you believe that every child is precious and every child deserves a chance. There are too many children we aren’t reaching. Too many who don’t have the opportunities and encouragement that they deserve.

Will you help?