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How It Works


From helping with administrative processes, to informing potential CSF families about our program, participating schools play a vital role in CSF’s success.  We could not operate without them!

Scholarship payments are distributed directly to each participating school twice per year—once in December and once in June. Each payment is a half of the CSF student’s scholarship for the year. 

Please note: scholarships are based on a family’s financial need and are not intended to fully cover tuition and fees at your school.

School Eligibility

Any nonpublic school that is either Accredited or Approved is eligible to participate in the CSF program.   For more information about Accreditation and Approval, click here.

Beyond this requirement, a CSF family must choose to attend your school.  This can be any family who financially qualifies for our program, and schools are encouraged to promote our scholarships to any potential family.


  • Counties we serve:
    Counties we serve:

    Antelope, Boone, Boyd, Burt,
    Cedar, Colfax, Cuming, Dakota,
    Dixon, Dodge, Douglas, Holt,
    Knox, Madison, Merrick, Nance,
    Pierce, Platte, Sarpy, Stanton,
    Thurston, Washington, Wayne

Participating School Policies and Requirements

To be a participating school, you must agree to assist in the administration of the CSF program in the following ways:

  • Complete School Commitment Forms (SCFs) and Exit Confirmation Forms (ECFs) for all applicable students. SCFs are required for any CSF student who attends your school, and must be completed yearly.  ECFs are required for any CSF student who chooses to leave your school.
  • Coordinate scholarship verification procedures twice per year. Before disbursing each scholarship payment, participating schools must verify each CSF student, this involves confirming each CSF student’s continued adherence to program requirements, and obtaining CSF parent/guardian signatures.
  • Support CSF data collection efforts. To evaluate the success of our program, CSF relies upon schools to assist in providing and collecting data about schools and CSF families. Typical data requests include providing school enrollment and capacity information, administering and collecting parent surveys, and/or providing names of CSF families who would be interested in being interviewed.

If you have questions about how to become a participating school, please contact us.