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Donors are investors in the lives of the children we serve, so measuring the impact of our program is very important.  

Recently, we performed a survey of 1,000 CSF alumni - specifically, parents of students who received at least $4,000 in CSF funding between the years 1999 to 2009, and received scholarships for at least four years during that time. We hoped this criteria would show a greater correlation between a CSF scholarship and the results on the student’s later life. The impact of your gifts are shown below from our survey respondents:

Percent of Students Graduating from High School: 99.5%

Percent of Students Participating in Post-Secondary Education: 84%

How Important was a CSF Scholarship in the Decision-Making Process for your Child's Elementary Education?

90% - Very Important
10% - Somewhat Important

Would you have been able to send your child to your chosen elementary school without CSF funding?

63% - No   
26% - Unsure   
11% - Yes