CSF Omaha’s 2016 Graduation Survey Summary

CSF conducts a graduation survey in the spring of each year to measure the success of CSF students. Our 2016 graduation study surveyed 95 former CSF scholarships who were eligible to graduate from high school in May of 2016. We are pleased to report that 98.9% of survey respondents graduated from high school. What a tremendous achievement for our former CSF students! Currently, the majority of these students are either enrolled in a four-year university or community college, or are a part of the workforce.

As the only scholarship program in Nebraska dedicated to serving students in grades K-8, CSF is able to provide scholarships where few exist, and reach children when their educational foundation is being established. We believe that when low-income parents are granted the ability to choose the school that is the best fit, their child will have a greater chance to experience continued success. The fact that 98.9% of survey respondents graduated from high school in 2016 is a testament to the CSF program, and the dedication of its students and families beyond the years they received a scholarship from CSF.

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