Homeschool Information

How it Works

CSF also supports families who choose to homeschool their children.  However, our homeschool program functions differently from our private school program.  CSF families who homeschool their students submit receipts for school-related purchases they have made, and CSF reimburses them for a percentage of the cost.  The percentage we are able to reimburse depends on the family’s financial need. We reimburse up to 75% of expenses, with a maximum cap of $500 per child, per school year.

CSF reimburses families twice each school year—once in December and once in May.  At these times, CSF mails a form to each homeschool family. Parents are required to submit this form with their receipts to the CSF office. Any receipts for school-related purchases must be deemed acceptable according to CSF’s homeschool expenses list.

How to Apply

1.  Please complete the online application by the stated deadline and select Homeschool as the chosen school. Click here to see the income guidelines and to download an application.

2. Beyond filling out the standard online scholarship application, families will also need to fill out a Homeschool Commitment Form.  To download this form, click here. Mail or e-mail this form in with your cover letter generated within the application.

3. Finally, CSF will need a copy of a family’s exemption acknowledgement from the Nebraska Department of Education for the school year for which they are applying. CSF understands that families may not have this acknowledgement by the application deadline. Families will be awarded reimbursement assistance on a tentative basis until the acknowledgement is received.

If you have questions, or would like more information on the homeschool program, please contact us.

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