CSF Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

General Program Questions

What grades are eligible to receive a CSF scholarship?
CSF awards scholarships for children in grades K-8 to attend any private or parochial school of their family’s choosing.

How long will my child receive a CSF scholarship?
Provided that funding is available, your child is eligible to receive a scholarship through his/her 8th grade graduation. However, your family must continue to financially qualify, and your family must adhere to CSF’s scholarship requirements.

Are younger siblings of my CSF scholar eligible to receive a scholarship?
Yes! Every child in your family is eligible to receive a CSF scholarship. 

Can I transfer my CSF scholarship to a different private school?
Yes. If you decide to attend a different private school, you are able to apply your child’s scholarship to your new chosen school.

How does my family qualify for a CSF scholarship?
CSF scholarships are solely based on financial need. Our income eligibility guidelines are similar to the National School Lunch Program.

What are CSF’s scholarship requirements?
Once awarded a scholarship, CSF families must adhere to CSF’s scholarship requirements to maintain scholarship eligibility. These requirements include:

  • Each scholarship recipient must have a school attendance rate of at least 90%
  • Families must pay a minimum of $500 towards your children’s schooling each year (per family, not per child)
  • Parents must complete an online parent survey in the spring
  • Children must comply with school standards.  If expelled, a child will not be eligible for scholarship renewal
  • Parents must fill out requalification application each year to verify continued financial eligibility
  • Parents agree to make your child’s academic information accessible (e.g. test scores) for CSF program assessment

How much will my child’s scholarship be?
Current scholarship amounts range from $400-$1,750, depending on income level and Omaha or Northeast Nebraska location. Please note that a CSF scholarship does NOT cover full tuition at a private school.

Does each child in my family receive the same amount?
Yes, every K-8th grade child in your family will receive the same award amount.

How are scholarship payments disbursed?
 Scholarship awards are distributed directly to your child’s school. Payments are disbursed twice each school year.

I homeschool my children. Does CSF offer assistance for homeschoolers?
CSF does have a homeschool program. Using the same financial guidelines as our traditional program, CSF reimburses a percentage of certain school-related expenses for families who homeschool their children. Please refer to our homeschool page for more information.


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