Donors & Financials


Honor Roll of Donors 2016-17

Your support helped to provide over 1,800 K-8 scholarships to children in Omaha and northeast Nebraska. We could not do what we do without YOU! THANK YOU!




Archdiocese of Omaha    
Children's Scholarship Fund of New York    
The Lozier Foundation    
J. William and Ruth Scott Family Foundation    
Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation    




Mrs. Mary Joy Anderson   Omaha Archdiocesan Educational Foundation (OAEF)
The Dorothy B. Davis Foundation   Governor J. Peter Ricketts and Susanne Shore
Rupert Dunklau Foundation, Inc.      The W. David Scott Foundation
First National Bank of Omaha   The Keith, Magareth and Sandra Smith Foundation
Carmen and John Gottschalk Foundation   Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Stinson
The Mammel Foundation    




Mr. and Mrs. S. Mickey Anderson   Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCarthy
Archbishop Bergan Catholic   Nebraska District Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
BAXTER Auto Group   Omaha World-Herald
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Berry   Pella Doors and Windows
The Richard Brooke Foundation   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ricketts
Catholic Mutual Group   Sacred Heart - Norfolk
Cedar County Catholic Schools   Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Schmid
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Hull   Scotus Central Catholic - Columbus
Immanuel Lutheran - Columbus   St. Francis - Humphrey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Julian   St. Mary - Central Catholic - West Point
Mr. James Kineen   Gilbert Swanson Foundation
Mr. Jack and Dr. Stephanie Koraleski   Mrs. Patricia Wagner




Clifton B. and Anne Stuart
   Batchelder Foundation
  Maginn Family Foundation
BlueCross BlueShield of Nebraska   Mr. Steve Martin and Dr. Amy Haddad
Boyd Jones Construction   McCarthy Captial Group
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Duffy   Mr. and Mrs. Dan O’Neill
William and Barbara Fitzgerald
  Family Foundation
  Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Quinn
Gallup, Inc.   Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Ries
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Heider   Edward and Lida Robinson Trust
Immanuel Lutheran - Columbus   Rotella’s Bakery
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kenney   Mr. and Mrs. David L. Scott
Mr. George Kubat   Scoular Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Lawler   St. Augustine’s Indian Mission-Winnebago
Lozier Corporation   St. Wenceslaus Home and School
Dianne Seeman Lozier and Allan Lozier   Timmerman Land and Cattle Company




Access Bank   Ms. Deborah MacDonald
American National Bank   Mr. and Mrs. John Maginn
Mr. and Mrs. James Arts   McCarthy Capital Corporation
Avenue Scholars Foundation   Dr. and Mrs. Sean McGarry
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bates   McGowan Family Foundation
Battle Sports Science   McGrath North Mullin and Krantz, PC, LLO
Bergman Family Foundation   Mr. and Mrs. Ron A. Metschke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bloechle   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Meyer
Borsheims   Mr. and Mrs. Lee Milne, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James Boulay   Dennis and Elin Murphy Foundation
Burlington Capital Group, LLC   Mutual of Omaha Bank
Carlson, West, Povondra Architects   Mutual of Omaha Foundation
Central States Health and Life Company
   of Omaha
  Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Neary
Central States Indemnity Company
   of Omaha
  Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Neary
Christ Lutheran School   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Niedbalski
Cline Williams Wright Johnson and
   Oldfather, LLP
  Northern Natural Gas Company
Columbus Christian School   Rev. James Novotny
Creighton University   NP Dodge
C.U.E.S.   Omaha Care Car, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James Czyz   Omaha Community Foundation
Ms. Dianne Desler   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Paladino, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Doyle   Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Partsch
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Dvorak   Ms. Mary Pechar
Election Systems & Software   Mr. and Mrs. Sean Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel England   Dr. Mary Reckmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Erftmier   Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ritter
Mr. Roger Erftmier   RSM
Mr. Michael Fahey   Ms. Connie M. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gordon   Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Schreier
Mr. and Mrs. James Greisch   Mr. and Mrs. Tobin A. Schropp
The Hawks Foundation   Mr. and Mrs. John A. Scott
HDR, Inc.   Security National Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Heider   Shamrock Development, Inc.
Holy Family - Lindsay   St. Anthony - Columbus
Dr. and Mrs. David Hoover   St. Bonaventure
Investors Realty, Inc.   St. Boniface - Elgin
Javlin Capital, LLC   St. Isidore Church - Columbus
Mr. Bill Kernen   St. John Lutheran
Keystone Christian Academy   St. Joseph - Atkinson
Kiewit Corporation   St. Michael - Albion
Knights of Ak-sar-ben Foundation   St. Robert Bellarmine Church
Koley Jessen PC., LLO   St. Rose of Lima
Mr. and Mrs. John Kotouc   Streck
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kuhl   Ear Specialists,
   Dr. Britt and Mrs. Thedinger
Kutak Rock, LLP   UltrAir, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lawler   Union Pacific Corporation
Lockwood Development   Valmont Industries, Inc.
Lutz Financial Services, LLC   Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Williams




Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Carstens   Mr. and Mrs. Greg McDermott
Mr. Steven Case   Mr. and Mrs. William Naidenovich
M & B Czerwinski Foundation   Mr. and Mrs. Edward Regan
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Erftmier, Sr.   The Regan Group
Mr. Roger Fleury   Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rosenquist
Mr. Jim Folsom, Virtual IT   Shamrock Development
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Gordon   Mr. and Mrs. Mark Treinen
Mr. and Mrs. James Greisch   Mr. and Mrs. Herman Weist
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Griffith   Mr. Tom Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Haney   Mr. and Mrs. Terry Wuebben
Dean and Maria Jacobsen Donor
   Advised Fund
  Dr. and Mrs. Milton Zadina
Archbishop George Lucas    




Mr. and Mrs. William Altman               Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lammers
Aon Risk Services Central, Inc.           Mr. and Mrs. John Langenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Michael App   Mr. and Mrs. Les Lawless

Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic
   Schools Office

  Ms. Nancy Liebermann
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Batenhorst   Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lindsay
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Benschoter   Ms. Katie Linehan
MMr. and Mrs. Cheron Beran   Mr. and Mrs. Joel Long
Mr. and Mrs. James Boyle   Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Brabec   Madonna School
Mr. and Mrs. Kurth Brashear   Mr. and Mrs. Edward McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Burns   Dr. and Mrs. Sean McGarry
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Burt   Mr. Daniel McGill
Mr. and Mrs. James Byars   Mr. and Mrs. Edward McGill
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coffey   McGill Gotsdiner Workman
   & Lepp, PC LLO
Consortio Group LLC   Ms. Sharon Melchior
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Cornish   Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Neary
Mr. James Cox   Ms. Nancy Neary
Ms. Dianne Desler   NorthStar Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Dodge, III   Mr. and Mrs. Mark Novonty
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Duffy   Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Oakes
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Duffy - Gilsdorf   Omaha Catholic Schools Consortium
Mr. Paul Ecoffey   Our Lady of Lourdes
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Erftmier, Sr.   Mr. and Mrs. Francis Partsch
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Esposito   Mr. and Mrs. Duane Polodna
Mr. Michael Faust   Mr. and Mrs. James Reding
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Finocchiaro   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Redmond
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fitzgerald   Mr. Kevin Rochford
Ms. Kelly Franck   Mrs. Alfred Rolfes
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Garvey   Mr. and Mrs. J. Emmet Root
Ms. Jacque Genovese   Mr. and Mrs. E. Michael Root
Mr. David Gnuse   Mr. Kyle Salem
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Golmanavich   Mr. and Mrs. Jon Sallenbach
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Gross   Rev. Hugh F. Schwartz
Gross Catholic High School   Dr. Barbara Schweiger
Dr. and Mrs. Luvern Gubbels   St. Columbkille Church - Papillion
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Halpin   St. Patrick’s - Elkhorn
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Haney   St. Wenceslaus
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Hascall   Ms. Melissa Steffes
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hermsen   Dr. and Mrs. Paul Tamisiea
Ms. Bonnie Hickey   Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Higgins   Ms. Janet Thrasher
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hoarty   Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Tierney
Holy Name Church   Mr. and Mrs. Delmer Toebben
Mr. Jack Hosking   Mrs. Katherine Troia
Mr. Howard Irish   Dr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Truhlsen
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Kenney   Union Pacific
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kenny   Mr. and Mrs. Jay VanKat
Mr. and Mrs. William Kizer, Jr.   WAVE Interactive
Knights of Columbus - St. Anthony
   Council #9264
  Ms. Angie Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Kock   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Welsh
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Kollasch   Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Williams
Dr. and Mrs. R. Michael Kroeger   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Winn
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kuhl    




Amazonsmile   Rev. Lydell Lape
Mr. Brian Anderson   Mr. and Mrs. David Lund
Mrs. Jospeh Barmettler   Mr. and Mrs. William Markhofer
Mr. Bill Barna   Mrs. Sharon Marvin-Griffin
Fr. Baumert   Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. Drew Blossom   Mr. Michael McDonald
Ms. Mary Blossom   Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Boeding   Ms. Barb Miller
Ms. Elsie Boyle   Mr. Claire Oswald
Ms. Liliana Boyle              Mr. John Pakiz
Ms. Sally Brittan   Ms. Lynn Poly
Ms. Katie Broman   Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pommer
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Buddenberg   Rev. Robert Preisinger
Mr. William Christensen   Ms. Nicki Rosenau
Ms. Jennifer Cimino   Ms. Marilyn Ryan
Ms. Melissa Clements   Mrs. Nancy Ryan
Mr. Gil Cohen   Ms. Lydia Sand
Ms. Anna Conway   Ms. Abbey Saulay
Dundee Bank - Tim Schamd   Mr. Al Schmid
Mr. Richard Fellman   Mrs. Pam Schmidt
Mrs. Michelle Finnegan-Drew   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schulte
Mr. Wesley Flott   Mr. and Mrs. James Seward
Mr. Richard Gilbride   Mr. and Mrs. Gene Spence
Msgr. James Gilg   Ms. Joann Stewart
Mr. David Hahn   Ms. Vallery Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. James Hanusek   Mr. Daniel Swan
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hargis   Father James Tiegs
Fr. Norman Hunke   Ms. Mary Timmerman
Ms. Desere Johns   Mr. Rob Trebilcock
Mr. Eric Johnson   Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jorgensen   Ms. Theresa Tworek-Jensen
Fr. James Keiter   Mr. Jim Vokal
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Kelley   Ms. Amy Weichmann
Ms. Joleen Kelly   Mrs. Kara Wesely
Ms. Alice Klug   Mr. and Mrs. Warren Whitted, Jr.
Ms. Marcia Koory   Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wortmann
Mr. Ray Krause   Mr. and Mrs. Ron Wortmann
Ms. Bonnie Kudron   Mr. Al Wunderlich
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Kuiper    




Creighton University    
Educational Outfitters    
Flowers by Kyle Robino    
Henry Doorly Zoo    
Missouri River Title Company    
Omaha Children's Museum
Pettits Pastry
The Rose Theater




Krista and Mickey Anderson -    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lindsay
Cardinal Blase Cupich -   Mrs. Sharon Marvin-Griffith
Joel Long -  

Mr. Paul Ecoffey

Alison O'Neill -   Rhonda and Howard Hawks
Walter Paul -   Mr. and Mrs. Donald Erftmier




Mr. Tal Anderson -   Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Oakes
Rose Kroeger -   Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kreoger
Judy Kubat -   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jorgensen
Antoinette Merwald -   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kankovsky
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kuhl
    Mr. James Lohr

  Ms. Marcia Meredith
    Mr. Robert Murray
    Mrs. Kay Schneider
    Ms. Deborah Torczon
    Family and Friends
Judy Kubat -   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jorgensen


 Please accept apologies for any omissions or misspellings. Please contact CSF offices at 402-819-4990 with any corrections.




To fulfill our mission of improving the educational opportunities for the children of low-income families, we work to maximize the use of every dollar. For a detailed look at the financial structure and organization of CSF Omaha, please click on the link below to view our 990 form.

Form 990 



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